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This neighborhood is fortunate (and unusual) in having a T stop in a residential area. It is the only T stop in a residential neighborhood in the city of Boston and is used by residents of the neighborhood going to school or work, by schoolchildren coming to the several schools in the immediate area, and by individuals coming to the District Court on Washington Street. This is not a transit hub — the narrow streets prevent MBTA busses from accessing the station, and on days when the subway is shut for maintenance, passengers must walk to Dorchester Avenue. to wait for a bus.

In this area, the subway line runs underground from just north of Ashmont Station to just south of Fields Corner Station. The “Tunnel Cap” runs alongside the parking lot owned by the Epiphany School, and a group of volunteers have created and maintain garden plantings from Centre Street to Melville Avenue. For several years, advocates have worked with Livable Streets and other individuals and organizations on a proposal to open the entire tunnel cap from Ashmont to Fields Corner, allowing bicycles and pedestrians, and improving green space access for all. The Epiphany School and other neighbors support this effort. 

Car ownership

While many in the Boston area rely on the MBTA as their primary means of transportation, others require a car for work or family reasons. According to Titlemax, 66% of Boston households have a car. Indeed, the rate of car ownership rose in Boston over the five year period from 2014 to 2019 (see Boston Globe).

More information about the area is available in the presentations.