Frequently Asked Questions

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Isn't there already a plan to build housing at Shawmut station?

Yes, Trinity Financial has submitted plans to build a 4-story, 74-unit rental building, consisting mostly studios and one-bedroom apartments on this site. Learn more about Trinity's Shawmut Transit Oriented Development (aka Transit Oriented Design or TOD) efforts.

I heard that some people are opposed to that plan — why? 

The Fitzpatrick Lot is long and skinny, with limited access. Trinity Financial proposes to build one very large building, that will fill all of the space that is allowed under building regulations. It will be taller than anything in the neighborhood, and the traffic it will generate will have a suffocating effect on Centre St. 

What's the difference between what Build Together wants and what Trinity proposes?

Build Together believes that Boston needs housing, but it needs many types of housing. We feel that there is a need for transit-oriented, affordable, sustainable housing with units large enough for families to settle in. Trinity plans to build very small rental units, with little access to green space.

How can I get involved?

Build Together wants to hear from our neighbors. If you want to learn more about our hopes for this plot of land, please join our mailing list. We'd be happy to meet in person and walk the site with you. Links to upcoming events are posted (along with notes and recordings from past event). And please sign our petition!